Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fabric term of the week: Iridescent

You know what iridescence looks like (and, if you are like me, you have to concentrate to get the spelling right!) but maybe you don’t know how it is achieved with fabric.

This is from the VFG Fabric Resource.

Iridescence is a display of radiant colors which seems to change when seen from various angles. 
Also called chameleon, changeant, pearlescent, luminescent, glacé, changeable or shot (in the case of taffeta), iridescent fabric is created by the weaving of two different colored yarns in the warp and weft. This may also be achieved in the dyeing of a fabric with two different fibers taking dye differently. Any fiber may be used, but the more lustrous the fiber, the more dramatic will be the iridescence.

Iridescent dupioni silk
The same iridescent silk, showing the two colors
Iridescent organza
Printed iridescent cotton—note the subtler effect

©Vintage Fashion Guild - Text by Margaret Wilds/denisebrain,  photos by Hoyt Carter
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