Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My most recent convergence

I love finding a vintage advertisement that illustrates an item I have for sale. On the same line, I recently found a meticulously home-sewn suit that had a Vogue Paris Original label (which a home seamstress would sew into her item made from a Vogue pattern) and the design was so obviously 1960s modern, and so finely detailed—by the style I speculated that it was Givenchy. 

Shortly after I posted the suit, an alert Facebook reader thought she had the pattern, and indeed she did: The designer was Cardin. I'm delighted to see this! Look at how the home seamstress sought to emulate even the fabric shown on the pattern envelope. 

This suit sold almost immediately, before I knew the designer was Cardin. I had a good feeling about this design. 

Search vintage convergence on my blog to see all my previous finds. 

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Denise said...

The seamstress who made that suit did a very nice job. The tailoring looks pristine. Those 60's suits were not the easiest to make without the benefit of a good dress dummy, professional pressing, and immaculate handwork.