Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fabric of the week: Velvet

Welcome to the day-after-Christmas edition of the fabric of the week, and what more perfect fabric for a the winter holidays than velvet? Each and every one of you know velvet, but perhaps not how it is made, or the many velvet variations and similar fabrics (under See also below).

As usual, I am pulling this from the VFG Fabric Resource:

Sumptuous fabric with a soft pile, velvet is constructed with a plain or twill weave back with one set of warp and one set of weft yarns. An extra set of warp yarns forms the pile. Velvet is now usually constructed by weaving two cloths together with pile ends connecting to both surfaces. The two are cut apart to give two pieces of velvet (double-cloth method). It may also be made by wires which lift and cut the pile. 
Velvet may be treated and varied in a number of way—including embossing, crushing, burning out—and can be made to be water- and crush-resistant. It is made of silk or manufactured filament fibers. If made of cotton it is called cotton velvet. 
The name velvet stems from the Latin vellus, or hair. 
Uses: Suits, coats, dresses, evening wear, shoes, hats, trim 
See also:
burn-out velvet, chiffon velvet, ciselé velvet
crushed velvet, dévoré velvet, façonné velvet
nacre velvet, panne velvet, tapestry velvet
velour, velveteen

Rayon velvet
Rayon velvet, rumpled to show pile
Cotton velvet
Cotton velvet, rumpled to show pile
 ©Vintage Fashion Guild - Text by Margaret Wilds/denisebrain,  photos by Hoyt Carter
Right now I have a number of examples of velvets of different fibers and of Victorian through early 1970s era:

Victorian silk velvet capelet
50s velvet (most likely rayon) short cape
60s velvet-striped organza party dress
70s cotton velvet jacket by Granny Takes a Trip


Susan said...

Thanks for another interesting "fabric of the week", great series!
...the label "Granny Takes A Trip" always makes me laugh, this sounds so groovy :-)

denisebrain said...

Thanks Susan!

Granny is a very groovy label indeed (did you see my blog about it?