Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is one of my favorite things

When I was little my mother always bought an angel ornament for me every Christmas. I loved my angels, and my mother helped me make an angel when I was in first grade. I still have my first grade angel. She has just one golden doily wing now, and less than half of her beautiful yellow wool hair. She still has the 1966 newspaper that helped keep her dress interfaced. She still has her halo too, and a place in my home forever.


Val said...

Beautiful! And what a dear mama you've been blessed with, Margaret! ♥

denisebrain said...

You're so right Val! My mother is gone now (she died in 1988) but I always think of her when I bring out this angel. She is a good representative of all my mother did for me.

Val said...

I'm sorry. That the angel captures your mom's spirit so well just makes it even more of a gift, yes? What a treasure (they both are). :) ♥

denisebrain said...

One day later I am in shock and horror at the loss of so many young children...1st Sandy Hook Elementary.

I didn't mean this post to be anything further than a memento from my past, but now I can't stop thinking of what goes through the mind of a child in first grade, and the minds of her parents.

Angels to be sure.