Sunday, December 30, 2012

The denisebrain Best of 2012

It’s time to take my annual look back at some favorite items sold during the year gone by.

Worth a look back: 30s peplum jacket; skirt by Martha Sleeper (profiled in my blog, and pinned on Pinterest)
60s suits
50s suit; and a dress which prompted a blog about my stellar seamstress
Deep red bouclé wool knit dress and a sweet 40s house dress
The 50s suit you: Brilliant pink bouclé knit suit and stylish maternity suit
Fun in the sun
Precious metals: Gold satin party dress and assuit nickel silver-embroidered shawl
Magenta satin 30s dance shoes and 40s pink print rayon dress
All bright now: 60s beaded box bag, beatnik print bed jacket and Asian peplum top
Here comes the (vintage) bride
Gorgeous fuchsia pink in a silk print 40s dress and 60s suit
Lavender blues
50s-early 60s high fashion, including Lilli Ann mohair suit
Pretty pale pinks
Groovy! Fringed 70s dress; 60s stretch lamé go-go boots
Egyptian hieroglyphs and feathers—covetable pink and grey prints 
50s black drama
Simply red: 50s velvet swing coat and Young Edwardian dress from the 70s
Blue flowered Dalton cashmere and 40s homefront sweetheart dress
Deep reds in flowered 50s cotton, and wool wrap dress by Anne Fogarty
50s black fit-and-flare
Darlene printed cardigan and nylon plissé dress
40s iridescent feather hat and 40s black rayon dress with blue beaded moons
Red wicker bag; red party dress and a grey Pat Premo dress (the subject one of my vintage convergences)
Can you hear me now? 60s daisy jewelry and 1967 Marimekko dress
30s zip-front flowered rayon; 50s rose pink cotton
50s black glamour
What I call a 60s goddess dress—perma-pleated up and down; lily of the valley-adorned hat
Green velvet leaves hat and a green linen dress with blue details
Navy bouclé knit suit (you and I both love these bouclé knits!) and a white flower hat
The ingenious Hollywood Hed-Topper and another great 50s skirt, with Hopi Kachina dolls
White night: 30s-style 70s feather jacket, and 40s dress with rhinestones by DuBarry 
Mixed greens: Early 40s dress, 1949 wedding suit and 60s green shift
One good turn deserves another: 50s full skirts with great prints
A favorite 40s rayon print: Keys and flowers. Love the peplum too!
Royal blues: Bouclé knit sweater suit; flowery cotton print suit and a needlepoint bag that went to the UK to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Two too cute prints: Game pieces and carnival
Black hat and interesting large wicker bag
These blue satin Daniel Green slipper shoes walked out of my shop quickly
And I kissed this hat goodbye equally quickly
Red velvet Suzy Perette and a red telephone cord clutch
Sunny outlook: A 40s blouse and a circle skirt by Raissa Masket
Both now live in Paris...especially appropriate for the Eiffel Tower-print lining of the coat!

I'm so pleased that by the time this year ends, I will have been able to contribute over $700 to two great causes: Conservation Northwest and Save the Manatee Club. Without the enthusiastic support of my wonderful customers, that would not have been possible. Thank you so much!

Wishing you a New Year filled with peace, hope, happiness and love!

P.S. Taking stock of the year gone by, I honestly think some of the best is still hanging on my racks, and to help bring attention to these neglected beauties, I am offering 25% off of any of these through the end of 2012. See my Facebook page for further details.


fabriquefantastique said...

Oh, I like the idea of a post on beauties that are no longer with you. i might do something like that next year if thats alright.

Beetique said...

these look so great!

denisebrain said...

Thank you! And of course, please do a year-end post like this...I have no patent on the idea!