Saturday, December 15, 2012

Update on sales benefitting Conservation Northwest

Right now, and through the end of December, 25% of your purchase price from any of my shops at goes to Conservation Northwest. At half way through the month, I am a little less than half of the way to my goal of raising $500. 

Whether you find something mini...

70s Vintage Mini Kinetic Golden Small Owl Necklace, $12 in my Etsy shop

....or something maxi

Early 70s Vintage Paneled Velvet Coat by Granny Takes a Trip, $1100 in my web store will help the cause!

(We’re waiting for you!)

Wolf pups, photo by Art Wolfe

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paxoholic said...

You have an exceptional insight into the fact that our urban lifestyles impact the world in far-reaching places. Your recycling with vintage and contributions to conservation efforts really go a long way to mitigate these effects. Thank you for your thoughtful balance of priorities.