Sunday, March 24, 2013

Denisebrain gets some #vintagelove

My Etsy shop has recently been featured in 100 Best Vintage Shops Online, a new e-Book by Sammy Davis Vintage, who uses #vintagelove to share the news of her book.

#vintagelove is more than just a hashtag to Sammy, she really lives and breathes her love of vintage and—most impressively—her open-mindedness about vintage. Her 100 Best Vintage Shops Online does not have 100 shops much like mine. Instead it’s a real range from the least expensive and up-and-coming to the sites that sell museum-worthy clothing and accessories, antique to relatively modern vintage.

Here is what she latched onto about my Etsy shop (click to enlarge):

It isn’t always easy to put your own business in words, and I think Sammy did a fine job of stating the Essential Denisebrain. I look forward to reading all of the book and finding some online shops I may not know yet. 

Thanks for the #vintagelove Sammy! 


Deb Clark said...

Congratulations! I must get the ebook

denisebrain said...

I can really vouch for it!