Wednesday, April 3, 2013

If there was ever a time to help the manatee, this is it

Not that manatees have it easy ever, but this year so far, 10% of the total estimated population of the endangered West Indian (Florida) Manatee has perished due to combined factors which are more serious than usual.

Wired Science’s Manatees Dying in Droves on Both Coasts of Florida is a sobering assessment of manatees under siege this year.

A couple of blog posts ago (Emergency help for the manatee) I described my goal to raise funds for the rescue and care of sick and injured manatees. These wonderful animals need us very much.

With the help of my customers, I have reached 51% of my goal to contribute $500 to the emergency rescue fund of Save the Manatee Club by April 15. 30% of any purchase from my Etsy shop or web store will go to this necessary cause.

I encourage you to donate directly to the Save the Manatee Club here if nothing in my shops is calling to you. I’m so glad that others have done just that (I am alerted when someone donates and mentions me so I know about these good Samaritans).

Save the Manatee Club image


Deb Clark said...

Good on you for doing this. We have a similar program in Australia for Dugongs (and turtles, both of which can still be hunted by indigenous people). My daughter stopped me buying sea-grass baskets last year, because dugongs feed on sea-grass apparently. Once the message gets into the kids at school, it spreads!

denisebrain said...

...and young people seem naturally drawn to manatees and dugongs. Good for your daughter helping you make that decision regarding seagrass baskets!