Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fabric of the week: Plissé

Fabric nerd alert: Not all fabric with puckered stripes is called seersucker. If you learn how plissé and seersucker are made, you probably will be able to spot the difference.

Cotton fabric with a puckered stripe texture caused by a chemical treatment (with sodium hydroxide) is called plissé. The chemical is applied in stripes which causes the fabric in those areas to shrink, leaving the remaining area puckered. The puckered stripes usually follow the warp of the fabric. The appearance is much like seersucker. 
The term plissé (French for “pleated”) is often applied to chemically-puckered manufactured fabrics as well. 
Uses: Summery shirts, sportswear, children’s clothing, nightgowns 
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©Vintage Fashion Guild - This photo by Hoyt Carter, Text and additional photos by Margaret Wilds/denisebrain  

1940s cotton plissé sun suit/romper currently in my Etsy shop

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osovictoria said...

Thanks for posting this, so now when I look for vintage and I see what appears to be seersucker I now say "Plisse"