Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Fabric term of the week returns with Leno weave

Did you miss the Fabric of the Week? Well like it or not, it’s back! :)

With things starting to warm up here in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope to concentrate on fabrics well suited to summer.

Airy leno weave is not one of the basic weaves, rather it is a variation on plain weave. Read on:

Leno Weave 

Leno weave insures a more stable open weave than could be accomplished with a plain weave. It is made by pairs of warp yarns arranged crisscrossing the weft yarns, holding the weft yarns evenly apart. 
It is also called doup weave, named for the doup attachment on a loom which manipulates the warp yarns. Somewhat erroneously, the weave is also called gauze weave. Gauze fabric can be in a leno weave, but is often plain weave. 
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Leno weave

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Leno stripe
©Vintage Fashion Guild - Text by Margaret Wilds/denisebrain,  photos by Hoyt Carter 

Early 40s leno weave rayon dress in my Etsy shop

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