Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vintage convergence: Homemade Swirl-style wrap dress

I know from hearing from you that I am not the only one who loves what I call a vintage convergence—a vintage ad or a pattern (etc.) that is clearly the same as the vintage item you have in hand.

In this case, I have a homemade wrap housedress that reminds me of a Swirl dress from the 1950s or 60s. It is in fact from the 1970s, which I know because I found its pattern on the sweet Tomato Soup Cake blog, where the writer also talks about Swirl dresses.

Homemade wrap dress available in my Etsy shop

Very lovable, Swirl-style wrap dresses! Where I found this dress there are about five more in a variety of great fabrics...I think the original seamstress must have been crazy for this dress. Depending on enthusiasm I may run back and pick up the rest of those dresses. I've kind of going nuts for it myself!

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Jitterbugdoll said...

What a cute wrap dress!

I love vintage convergences; it is so neat to find the advertisement or pattern that matches the garment. I have a lovely 1940s sarong dress and was delighted to find the pattern for it in a 1944 McCall magazine. The seamstress even choose a fabric similar to the magazine illustration, which made it even more fun to see!

denisebrain said...

That's so great!

Some time ago I found a suit and an alert reader found its matching pattern, 60s Pierre Cardin. This seamstress also tried to match the pattern envelope: