Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fabric of the week: Crepon

One of the fabrics with a look reminiscent of tree bark...elegant tree bark that is. 

Crepon and its close cousin bark crepe are characterized by lengthwise wrinkles. Bark crepe resembles the bark of a tree and is usually cotton, linen or rayon. Crepon, too, has a sturdy, vertically-rippled textured and may be silk, manufactured fiber, wool or cotton. The fabrics are compound fabrics, woven on dobby or jacquard looms.
Uses: Dresses, blouses, suits, interior decorating 
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I am fortunate to have this 1960s Helga dress in my Etsy shop right now...I don’t see crepon often. This one was made on a jacquard loom (look at the complexity in the closeup).

©Vintage Fashion Guild - Text and photos by Margaret Wilds/denisebrain

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