Friday, October 11, 2013

Favorite vintage clothing

OK, so it isn’t easy to pin down your single favorite vintage item as I asked a couple of posts ago. I myself can’t do it. I have favorites in these categories:

1. Amount of use/years of service
2. Sentimental favorite
3. Collection of items of one favorite type
4. Item I have hardly worn but makes me happy just to think about
5. So completely me

I’m sure the list could go on. Since I want to encourage your stories, I will start with the most used vintage item in my closet. If you know me in person you will no doubt recognize my late 1960s bright red-orange belted jacket.

My husband took this photo of me for my vintage fabric bag business back in 2002. The jacket was a 2nd-hand purchase a couple years before. I probably wear this jacket 50 or 60s times during a year, and about 30% of the time I get a compliment on it. 100% of the time I am happy in it. 

What vintage item do you use the most? 


Charlotte Issyvoo said...

I think my grandmother's 1936 platinum and diamond engagement ring is my favourite vintage item. I wear it at least once a week. Those who don't know jewelery, seldom notice it and instead go for my cheap, flashy, costume stuff. Jewelers, though, hone in on it like flies to honey and start to salivate. It's simple, incredibly beautiful, and reminds me of a woman I admired a great deal, and the love she shared with my jovial, gentle grandfather.

denisebrain said...

Have you ever shown your grandmother's ring in your blog? I'd love to see it.

Yours sounds like an often used and highly cherished vintage item. That's the best kind.

Tiffany Benedict Berkson said...

My most used vintage item...toughie. I'd think all vintage lovers would have to concede it to be outerwear or an accessory, because it's not like you can wear the same dress multiple days a week. Definitely also have a ring and a coat that would qualify, but the runner up is actually a 60s pair of old-lady looking sandals I got in high school--so we are talking late 80s/ early 90s. I've had the silver re-applied 3 times and other fixes--and it's time for another trip to the cobbler, actually!

denisebrain said...

You have a good point Tiffany, outerwear and accessories have to be most often used.

60s old lady sandals from high school?! Photo? Please?