Friday, October 25, 2013

Favorite vintage: Makes me happy just to think about

I have a dress that I purchased from an older woman when she moved from the area. She was collecting vintage clothing to start a business, but bad health got in her way. I answered a newspaper classified ad and drove a couple of hours to a remote town on a river.

I had almost no experience with buying vintage, so I’m sure my eyes were huge and my face gave away my love of what I saw. The very sweet lady, Joann, was easy on me regarding a purchase price for her 200-piece collection. She has called me since and I really feel she thinks her plans for her business were partly carried out by me, which is an honor. I have kept certain items which seemed singularly unbelievable to me at the time...some are still absolutely unique and wonderful to my more seasoned eye.

Now all that remains of Joann’s collection are sentimental favorites, but none so much as the “denisebrain dress.” Joann wanted to see a picture of me wearing something, so I chose my immediate favorite.

The quick shot I took (2001 it was) became my logo at the time.

I have used the dress for one of my monthly themes (Think Pink, naturally)

The dress has even been our Christmas tree.

Do I wear it often? No, not hardly, but it makes me glad every time I look at the dress...or even think about it. It’s my single most favorite dress.


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful dress, and even more lovely because of the story!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE this dress. You are a rockstar in it. I love you, vintage sis. Thanks for the smiles...

Louise said...

It suits you so much- as if it was made just for you. So nice to hear the story behind it (and I LOVE your Christmas tree!)

denisebrain said...

I failed to mention that I tried to sell this dress on eBay once very early on. It didn't sell at auction and I was truly overjoyed. I took that as the my cue to keep it forever.