Saturday, November 2, 2013

Favorite vintage: Sentimental favorite

My sentimental favorite vintage item is my mother’s ring.

My mother, as I’ve mentioned before in my blog, grew up in Iowa during The Great Depression. Her father was a banker who worked with farmers to keep their farms from being foreclosed upon. My grandfather also worked with prisoners at a local penitentiary to find skills for them to take back into the real world. He worked with an expert forger to create the Sheaffer Signature Pen.

One man learned to craft jewelry. As a thank you to my grandfather, this man made a ring “to match his daughter’s eyes.” It is sapphire blue glass in a gold setting, very simple and elegant. My mother’s eyes were exactly this color. My eyes are green, but I still love wearing this beautiful ring.

My mother showing off her new ring
What is your sentimental favorite vintage clothing or accessory item, and why? I’d love to add your story to my blog.

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Charlotte Issyvoo said...

What a lovely story. I have a safe where I keep my most precious jewelry. Not all of it is real "fine" jewelry. Some if it is sentimental, like this sweet piece.