Monday, December 2, 2013

Bear in mind

Every December for the last five years I have donated a percentage of my earnings to a cause very important to me. Conservation Northwest strives to keep one of the most beautiful areas in the world wild for the good of all. I live in that area, and I am very fortunate, but with its soul-elevating natural beauty it is a place for the whole world to look after and enjoy.

Each year I grow a little more deeply impressed with the creative solutions to complex issues that CNW innovates, fosters and implements. They are gaining conservation easements with the help of ranchers; they are supporting the use of range riders as non-lethal control in land shared by wolves and livestock.

Most of all for me, CNW works to save the grizzly bear. Ever since I can remember, I have loved bears and the more I know about their importance in the environment, the more I care about them.

In 2013, Conservation Northwest joined forces with other organizations in founding the Coast to Cascades Grizzly Bear Initiative. Grizzlies don’t stop at the border, and neither does this coalition, which includes the St’├ít’imc First Nation of British Columbia and Sierra Club BC among others.

Right now, and through December 31, 25% of all my sales will go to CNW. If you don’t see the right vintage item for you, I have also set up a page for direct contributions to this fundraiser on, which takes no money from the cause.

For the last two years I have been able to raise $500 for Conservation Northwest during December, and I know this is possible again, with your help.

Stop by my web store or Etsy shop and have a look at the offerings—and bear in mind the good we can do together!


BarbaraC said...

Thank you so much for all you do for good causes throughout the year, Maggie! You are such an inspiration as a businesswoman, supporter, and all out cool person. Go, bears!

denisebrain said...

Yes Barbara, same to you x millions. GO Bears!