Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The bears have friends

Recently I was sent a good-sized stash of vintage costume jewelry by a woman (Denise) who found the items among her mother’s possessions. There are many wonderful pieces! The best part of all is that Denise told me I could use the items to benefit Conservation Northwest...her donation to the cause. She told me she is a wildlife rehabber and seems to have an especially great fondness for owls.

One of Denise’s favorite “owl accessories” as she put it

Right now and for the next week or so, I’m busily listing jewelry from Denise, all with 100% benefitting Conservation Northwest. Some of the items available right now:

Chunky Lucite bangle bracelets
Oops, this one didn’t last long! Yay!
Glass moonstone brooch
Plastic or wooden bracelets with bakelite color schemes
Lisner thermoset leaves necklace
Hand-painted myrtlewood pin, souvenir of Oregon in the 1950s
Striped Lucite bangle bracelets...or owl eyes if you prefer!
Thank you Denise! The bears thank you, and the owls...well the owls think you are a rock star!

For more about my Conservation Northwest fundraiser, please read my previous blog post.

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