Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Closet adventures, part II

I am in the middle of working on my clothes closet right now, my January Vintage Resolution.

Even in a heap on my bed, I love my vintage clothes. I didn’t remove anything from my closet’s contents unless it was something that I would look at and think why do I still have this? I didn’t get rid of more than a few vintage items, and they are ones that I wishfully thought I’d one day be the right proportions for. I look forward to passing them along to their next owner.

My closet contents in mid-sort:

I found out that I have lots of long black skirts.

 Yes, long black skirts. I am a professional musician and play in a symphony orchestra, where the concert wear is all-black and long. I probably have six long black skirts. I guess you’d call them an occupational hazard.

My favorite discoveries were seeing things together on my bed that I never saw together before. Like an iridescent blue taffeta skirt from the 1980s (short and with a black crinoline) and a 1950s iridescent blue taffeta jacquard jacket. Anyone want to invite me to a party? : )
My closet has always had long things hanging on one side and everything else on the other side. I completely forgot that on the side with the long things there is actually a lower rail. I moved my short items to the side with two racks, my long items to the other side, and my really long things to the back of my closet door. What an easy way to add closet space!
I am making use of a handy shelf for vintage bags that I use often

Finally, here is my cleaned up and more inviting little closet:

Now I just want to up the fun of going in. One of my favorite pairs of shoes over the door is a start!


Lulu said...

Hi Maggie,
Those shoes are so cute!
Is that a dog purse stashed amongst your other purses or a stuffed animal?

denisebrain said...

The dog is indeed a purse—I call him Scruffy.

The shoes have heart-shaped heels, if you can believe it!

Thanks for stopping by, Lulu~!