Friday, January 3, 2014

The bear went OVER the mountain

Cell phone photo of a grizzly bear in the North Cascades by hiker Joe Sebille

Although in my world finances are unpredictable, December is usually predictably not such a great month for my business. I believe that vintage clothing is something most people buy for themselves and not others, and so people turned toward gift giving turn away from vintage somewhat.

Sometimes I think it’s quixotic of me to try to raise $500 as 25% of my earnings for December.

However, I promised to try to raise $500 for Conservation Northwest, as I had squeaked out that much to donate in previous Decembers, and I like a good challenge.

To my delight and astonishment, we sailed past my goal and on up to nearly $600. I owe much to the interest and enthusiasm of my customers, and for the lovely donation of a stash of jewelry to be sold with all profit going to Conservation NW. Denise, who donated the jewelry and works as a wildlife rehabber, told me I gave her too much credit in my previous blog about her generosity. Her jewelry raised one-sixth of the total donation, so I don’t think I exaggerated, do you?

I also want to publicly thank the indispensable Barbara Christensen of Conservation Northwest, who makes sure that my fundraising is her business to share around, and supports my work for all environmental causes.

I will be sending a check for $587 to Conservation Northwest this morning, and I know it will go to excellent use—for the grizzly bear, and for the Northwest wilderness.

Bear hugs all around!

Bear hug by zukzuk on Etsy

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Gordon said...

Good work, for a great cause, and creatures! Thanks! Gordon