Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February resolution: Dress like a star at home

You may recall that I have one vintage resolution per month this year, and February’s is to dress like a star at home. I have been doing some looking around and thinking, and discovered I’m probably not so much this—

as this—
Nancy Berg in Pauline Trigere pajamas/Milton Greene photo, 1964

The truth is I want comfort with my elegance and I like fun even more than glamour for myself. 

I keep coming back to items like dressing gowns, brunch coats and lounge pajamas. You can’t buy these at Marshalls or Macy’s. I know because I just tried to find similar to give as a gift to an old friend of the family. These are among the endangered species of clothing.

What many vintage dressing gowns, brunch coats and lounge pajamas have in common is a wrap style.

You know how many people now consider elastic waists and knit fabric necessary for comfort? Consider the wrap: It allows you to adjust the fit at the waist, and still has style. In fact, wraps are a great blend of style and comfort whether for dressing gowns, kimonos, Swirl-label dresses or iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses.

I just purchased these 1950s capri pajamas in woven cotton with a wrap top. They are comfortable, washable, pretty...and I could even get the door while wearing them. 

By jove, I think I’m on the right track!

Check out my Pinterest board on the subject for more visuals, including many vintage wrap styles.  

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Lulu said...

Looking cute as usual in your new pajamas!
I think that dressing nice no matter where you are makes you feel better. Whether its at home or out and about. Wearing something cute, fun or beautiful just adds a little spring to your step!