Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reverse vintage convergence: Red polka dots

I love seeing vintage ads, patterns or magazine features showing vintage items I have on hand...I call these rare happenings vintage convergences. You can see what I’ve found so far by searching vintage convergence on my blog or by visiting my Pinterest board on the subject.

When I received the February issue of Vogue, I got the urge to share what might be called a reverse semi-convergence. No, that sounds a little close to a daring figure skating move. Anyway, I own a 1970s blouse with big red polka dots, so when I saw Lena Dunham in big red polka dots...

I don’t feel like wading into the kerfuffle about Lena’s photos being photoshopped. I use my simplistic photoshop skills to edit my photos. Would someone like to pay me $10K for the originals? Please??

I just think the cover shows a lot of character and is really fun. The only thing is, why get a new polka dotted shirt when you can wear vintage? 

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Lulu said...

How fun!!! Thanks for sharing photos of you in your cute blouse posing with the Vogue cover!