Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vera vintage convergence

I love it when I see an ad, pattern, or magazine article that shows something vintage I have on hand. I call this a Vintage Convergence, and you can see more by clicking on the label at the bottom of this post, or visit my Pinterest page on the subject.

The latest? This 1955-vintage Vera ad found on The Vintage Traveler blog (this is truly one of my must-read blogs) matching a Vera scarf in my own collection. I love this scarf, with its cool mid-century drawings of instruments. I love the colors too. Now I also love the ad!


osovictoria said...

What a perfect scarf from your collection knowing that you are a musician, and to find the ad too, sweet convergence indeed!

Lizzie said...

I love a good vintage convergence! Thanks for the kind words about The Vintage Traveler.

Past Pieces Vintage said...

It really makes a piece come alive when you see it featured in an ad, doesn't it.

I'm a big Vera fan and love your scarf!