Sunday, March 23, 2014

Zing green in pantone history

I’m using the name ‘zing green’ to describe a color that is like spring green with pizazz. I want to wear this color, but it isn’t so very easy to find in just the right vintage clothing. Discovering a color I haven’t worn but want to wear is my vintage resolution for March...wearing the color may take a little more time.

So when was my green most in?

I have consulted the book Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color by Leatrice Eiseman. This book shows color palettes from the “Edwardian Affairs” rich and pale colors through the golds of 1980s “Conspicuous Consumption.” I spot my green in the 1930s, in WPA posters, in the color palette Pantone refers to as “Parks and Recreation.”

It comes on strong in the 1960s again, possibly a tad too zingy but close, in the palette called “Warhol.”

Self-Portrait, 1966, Andy Warhol

Different as they are, I really like both the 1930s and 1960s combinations above.

If you have a favorite color for home design or for your wardrobe, do you know when it was popular? This Pantone book places colors not only by era but in context with other shades.

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