Monday, April 21, 2014

Earth Day, and the 15th anniversary of denisebrain

Although it was a coincidence, I’ve always thought that having my business’s anniversary be on Earth Day is highly appropriate. Vintage clothing, after all, is the most beautiful of recycling. If it isn’t on your list of things to do to save resources, consider the humble t-shirt. According to National Resources Defense Council, just the water it takes to raise a pound of cotton (enough for one new shirt) is 700 to 2,000 gallons.

Today, besides celebrating the 44th Earth Day, I am celebrating the 15th anniversary of denisebrain. 1999 now seems like a very long time ago, but that is the year I first hung out my virtual shingle and sold my first vintage dress.

Many things have changed since 1999. I wish I could turn back the clock to my younger self, but that’s not possible, and in many ways it wouldn’t be a good thing.

I can, however, offer my customers a taste of the past: For the next week I am marking down my postage costs to more or less where they were when I started. Some examples: A just over one pound package across the U.S. is now about $10, and for this week you will get the vintage rate of $3.95. For the same package going to Australia, pay $11 instead of $17. In my Etsy store you will find these rates already in place. In my web store it isn’t so easy to change the postage so I will reimburse you the extra postage paid during the week of April 22 through 29.

Enjoy my carefully chosen clothing from the past and a postage rate from the past this week while you do your part for the Earth.

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