Friday, April 25, 2014

Make do and mend: Patchwork purse edition

For me beige has never been a great option. I love color and the more the better. I love Elmer of children’s book fame.

When, years ago, I found an unused 1970s vinyl patchwork bag I was smitten. It went with everything and nothing...It was Elmer! 

And boy, have I ever logged mileage with this purse. It is still in pretty sturdy condition, except for the straps that I’m afraid may give out. Also, the bag desperately needs cleaning.

I cut off the sad straps and found an alternate. Meet my clean-up crew, Mr. Metal and Ms. Meltonion. 

I probably would use a finer silver cleaner for the real stuff, but for generic metal coating, Mr. Metal is really good. Meltonian is especially useful for cleaning and conditioning real leather, but also works great on vinyl.  

Now, recognize this? 

It’s a late 60s or early 70s metal chain belt of course. I probably have six or seven of these at any time. This one seemed particularly sturdy. After cleaning the metal and the vinyl, all that was left was to string the belt through the square metal loops and open up one chain link to attach an end. I left the coin on the end. I like it. 

And now I can not wait to carry my patchwork Elmer bag again tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

I've got to say that I love this particular post. Never heard of Elmer before today:) And I'm getting inspired to try some mending of my own. Great posts!