Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making do with little time to mend

At the beginning of the year I announced my 12 vintage resolutions, one for each month.

So far I can say I’ve taken a good swipe at my resolutions, learned some things and enjoyed the process. Now we come to April.

April: Mend and clean clothing and improve skills.  

Here is where I say, heck, I’ll try something easier, like flapping my wings and flying to the moon. My intention is to work on spiffing up my personal wardrobe. April has become a very busy month for me—but I am a stubborn doer of all things I say I’ll do.

Today I start with my collection of tutorials and references on my Make do and mend Pinterest board.

There you can find some interesting ways (both new and vintage) to remove stains, fix clothing, and make your own vintage-style clothes, among other things.

Are you an expert make-do-and-mender? Do you have a favorite item that you have rescued or that you are looking for a way to rescue? This month I’m all about saving it. Tell me your story! 


Louise said...

I wish that I could sew better. I can manage the basics but that's it.

Loola 2 said...

Sharing interesting, thanks.
Hopy 2

Loola 2 said...

Sharing interesting, thanks.