Thursday, May 8, 2014

My basic wardrobe

There are many guides to basic wardrobes, even basic vintage wardrobes. If you’d like to take a look, maybe one of these will give you ideas:

10 Staples for Every Woman’s Wardrobe from Real Simple
Back to Basics: The 14 Timeless Pieces You Shouldn’t Live Without from Who What Wear
Building a Wardrobe on a Budget: Fashion Essentials Every Frugal Girl Must Have from Frugal Beautiful
The Fashionable Mum’s Guide to Your Perfect Wardrobe from The Fashionable Mum
Back to Basics Vintage Wardrobe 101 from The Glamorous Housewife

For me the words must, should and perfect rarely go with anything I’m capable of doing! Here’s my own list of wardrobe items I feel I would not like to be without.

longish blazer jacket in black with a great cut
bright raincoat
dressy coat
winter coat

 music performance wear (black)
house wrap dress
day dresses
occasion-y dress

great flats
black 2"-heel pumps that are comfortable and not too plain

black pants that fit great
black knit straight skirt
black knit flaring skirt
printed full skirts
Marianne paper doll, 1943, from Miss Missy Paper Dolls blog...I LOVE her wardrobe!
roomy fun bag
interesting medium-sized bag
 dressy clutch
black tights
patterned tights
warm mittens
all-weather gloves

grey knit shirt
black tank
white tank
white cotton button-down shirt
pretty white blouse
cashmere sweater
flattering chunky knit sweater

bathing suit
warm robe
cotton robe
silky lounge robe

The point of making a list like this is so I can replace the most necessary items in my wardrobe with vintage and 2nd-hand items when possible and when needed. That said, if on a desert island for years, what one thing would I choose?

A printed cotton day dress...vintage of course!

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