Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vintage resolution of the month

At the start of the year I resolved to tackle one vintage fashion challenge each month. Now we come to May:
Supplant my search for basic clothing with vintage basics. 
Vintage American Tourister bag found on Etsy
I actually don’t consider myself much of a basics person. I have quite a few vintage printed dresses, skirts and blouses, bright colors and other one-of-a-kinds. The sort of things that don’t make a tidy little suitcase full for one’s Paris trip.

Not that I’m going to Paris, but I do like to imagine that suitcase and what would be in it.

I asked my Facebook circle what three items they considered most basic in their wardrobes. About 1/3 included jeans, 1/4 t-shirts. White shirts or blouses, black pants, cardigans, and black skirts were well represented.

1968 image, uncredited
I was fascinated by some the specifics of the basics named:
“cute little brown Hush Puppy flats”
“black shrug sweaters” 
“vintage shrunken Levis for girls jean jacket” 
“red tights” 
You can almost picture the signature looks of these people!
Molla Mills...I wonder if red tights are basic for her

I looked online for wardrobe basics, various lists compiled to be the most important items for a woman to have in her closet. I see a lot of things I don’t have and I don’t care if I have. The lists online only slightly intersect my own. I don’t wear jeans even though I have nothing against them. I really don’t wear pants very often, and when I do I feel like I’m wearing a costume!

My three basics? I probably would have to pick a black blazer jacket, clogs and a bright raincoat.

What are your three most basic wardrobe items? Are they vintage, or could they be vintage?


Lulu said...

I too feel like I am wearing a costume when I wear pants!Pants for me are reserved for snow days, working out, and painting walls.

Laurence said...

I think that I'm lacking basics... as about all my wardrobe are vintage, I prefer buying fancy prints and colorfull clothes but it's sometimes hard to match... I'm now trying to buy more basics plain vintage sweaters, pastels blouses...

denisebrain said...

I can tell I have soul mates out there!