Saturday, May 3, 2014

Your vintage fix-it tips

I asked my blog readers and Facebook circle if they had any favorite vintage stain removal or mending tips and got some great responses, all which I will be trying:

1. Ann said: Don’t say dag nab it, snag nab it!! I love this freakin thing!!! A bargain at twice the price!!

2. Lisa: I’m sure you’re already aware, but OxiClean is the best cleaning product out there. Everyone’s laundry room should stock it - whether you collect vintage or not.  [After trying nasty, toxic things, I found OxiClean could get many jobs done I am aware now Lisa. I haven’t always been!]

3. Past Pieces Vintage suggests: You know that “smell” that vintage fabric can have...stinky, musty, old? ...When soaking and/or washing these things, add baking soda (Arm and Hammer or generic brands) to your water. This helps dissipate that odor. If the soda bath doesn’t do the trick, add vinegar to the water. Vinegar is also great to add to a rinse; it cuts any soap residue and leaves the fabric naturally soft.

I love a natural fix!

4. Tia suggested: For oil stains, coat the stained area with corn starch (rub it in well) and let it set a couple of days before washing. Depending on the intensity of the stain, the corn starch may have to be re-applied.

And probably the most convenient natural solution I’ve heard came from Chadáe:

5. Kinda gross but if you get your own blood on a garment use your own spit to get it out. The enzymes in your saliva break down the blood molecules! Hydrogen Peroxide also works for blood in general.
1930s laundry day image by By H. Armstrong Roberts, from

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Anonymous said...

For fresh blood stains: hydrogen peroxide bubbles it right out of the fabric without bleaching.

With linens and cottons I use a German Gallseife (Gall soap/savon au fiel ) which has worked on old mystery stains and greasy stains in vintage fabrics without bleaching or changing the colour.