Friday, June 13, 2014

Wear scarves: Natalie Wood edition

Any woman who was young in the 1950s probably had a chiffon scarf tied around her hair or her neck at one point. I chose Natalie Wood because...well look at her:

The scarf I’m wearing today is a 1950s souvenir of Hawaii, and it could be worn the sock hop way, with a knot to the side of the neck.

Or I could go the headscarf route, which certainly shows off the design. (Darn, where is my convertible?)

I opted for a not-so-characterstic rosette made by twisting the scarf throughout its length. A pin holds the scarf together and a clip holds it in my hair.


Past Pieces Vintage said...

Maggie, the rosette is very pretty, but I'm a little confused how you made. Did you twist it and then roll it into the rosette?

denisebrain said...

Exactly! To be more specific I twisted it tightly and then gradually looser for a more soft look on the outer edges. It really wants to hold its shape surprisingly well.

I had the idea from this how-to from the 70s:

Laurence said...

Oh, I love vintage scarves so much!!!! So colorful, real pi├Ęces of art... unfortunatly you cannot see what is printed on them when you wear them. Some could be put on walls!

BetterDressesVintage said...

Love that rosette idea. Considering how often I wear my hair pulled back, I may just have to borrow it.