Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Another manatee fundraiser update

When I speak of the beleaguered manatee, please know that partisan political forces are representing the species as not so endangered. Right now, steps are being taken to delist the endangered manatee for the benefit of few. Notice (from this Tampa Bay Times article) that manatees have never been more endangered in recorded history. A gentle, intelligent herbivore that has been on our planet practically infinitely longer than we humans (30-60 million years vs. our 170,000 years) deserves a chance to survive. 

I am glad to say that our manatee fundraiser is on the right track to help out. I would so much love to increase the donation to beyond $600. 

Right now, and through July 17, 25% of your purchase price from my vintage fashion venues online will go to Save the Manatee Club. You may also donate directly (as a number of caring individuals have done) on my page. 


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