Tuesday, August 19, 2014

LBVDs on Etsy

Being a vintage wearer, I appreciate very much a great black vintage dress. As a vintage seller it has always been a slightly different story. Black is hard to photograph—black velvet is borderline impossible, at least for me.

I had to take some time to look at LBVD (Little Black Vintage Dresses) on Etsy because you really have to look hard to see details in the photos. Flash makes things clearer but is not aesthetically preferable. What to do if a photo is inscrutable? Pull the image onto your desktop then lighten it up in a photo editing program.

Take a look here. These are all wonderful looking black vintage dresses, and the photos are fine, but it is still hard to see the details without some adjustment. Bringing up the brightness but possibly lowering the contrast can help with discerning more detail.

See those great dresses and more of my LBVD picks in my Etsy favorites list.

All of these are winners to me, but the ones that make me gasp?

Dorothy O'Hara dress offered by GeronimoVintage
Cocktail dress from thegreedyseagull

Race you to them!

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