Friday, August 8, 2014

So maybe it’s too hot for wearing black, but—

It is my sworn resolution to find or decide upon the perfect go-to black dress during the month of August. I ask myself these questions, but I’d rather hear your answers.

Do you believe the perfect Little Black Dress exists?

Well, it definitely exists on certain people at certain times. I have no trouble calling these perfect:

Do you think it would take more than one dress to fill out your definition of “perfect”? 

I think if I could find just one great black dress that would do for me.

How do you define LBD? 

Besides being black? To me it has to be simple enough that it looks timeless and can be accessorized, and it must be absolutely flattering.

Could it be vintage and if so what era?

I think it could be any era from Chanel in the 1920s through Prada in the 1990s.

Can you picture it or do you own it? Have you ever owned such a dress?

Yes I have a dress that I would call the ultimate LBD for me, 1960s-era with a low, square neckline in back along with four rhinestone buttons. The bodice front is plain. The skirt is above-knee-length and flaring. This has always been a very flattering cut on me, but I think it looks a bit short on me now.

A man came up to me while I was wearing this dress some years ago and said that I looked like the cover of Vogue (*blush*). Today, someone said my outfit (vintage items of course!) was very beautiful. I believe the perfect LBD elicits a comment on the wearer while the great outfit gets noted for itself.

Where would you wear it?

Essentially anywhere that an impression needs to be made with confidence. I think of the great LBD as something that transcends time while making the wearer feel confident and beautiful.

Now you: Do you have answers to these questions? Do you have your dream LBD?

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