Thursday, August 7, 2014

Spokane’s hottest summer in recorded history...

...was not this summer, this summer is the second hottest since records have been kept. The hottest was 1906, which immediately made me think of what one might be wearing during the summer of 1906. The corsetry would be tricky on these 100+ fahrenheit days, but the parasols, white cotton and big hats could be good.

These first three photos are by Edward Linley Sambourne. If you haven’t seen the photos by the amateur photographer, please google his name to see them all. They are exceptionally candid for the era. It turns out there was a heatwave in England during August and September of 1906, which drove people to the seaside.

I love to think of this croquet champion conquering the heat in her fine white cotton.

This girl (in another of Sambourne’s photos) would need to have good balance with that hat on her bicycle.

“Afternoon frocks are of filmy materials” perfect for a garden party on an extra warm day:

Some styles suitable for summer clothes, according to Ladies' Home Journal in 1906:

These women are dressed to the nines in their summer finery:

A girl more humbly turned out in the summer of 1906:

If I were living through Spokane’s very hot 1906, I would want to go to Davenport’s to sip something icy:

But I think I’d be most eager to get home to slip into something like this:


Anonymous said...

And think of all the undergarments worn in 1906 to maintain that outer silhouette. Eeek! I can't even imagine how hot it would have been.


denisebrain said...

That's the worst part of imagining it, those constrictive underpinnings!

Bring on Paul Poiret!