Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Bonnie Cashin!

One of the youthful Cashin's 1920s costume sketches for a dance group 

This is an updated version of a blog post I wrote a few years back. 

I love Bonnie Cashin. She wanted women to be able to move freely in her clothing, and so designed styles that were pragmatic and yet without a trace of staid practicality. Cashin’s aim, in her words, was to create “simple art forms for living in, to be re-arranged as mood and activity dictates.” Her designs and directions in fashion were supremely innovative; they seemed not so much a product of her time as an inspiration of her own adventurous lifestyle and inventive imagination.

This is the 99th anniversary of Cashin’s birth (she died in 2000) and if anything her ideas just seem fresher all the time. Here are a few images to celebrate the day:

Bonnie Cashin for Adler & Adler, c. 1940, from UCLA Library collections
Lounging pajamas inspired by her costuming for Anna and the King of Siam, 1946, from UCLA Library collections
Rayon crepe dress and organdy coat by Bonnie Cashin, hat by John Frederics, Cecil Beaton photo, 1950
An Adler & Adler Bonnie Cashin design , ca. 1950, which I sold awhile ago
“Rain puff,” this nylon jacket was eminently practical—it was nearly weightless and could be washed at home—but maintained a touch of the exotic with its
 Japanese-lantern style sleeves. Bonnie Cashin for March and Mendl, 1956. Image and text from UCLA Library collections
Late 60s canvas and leather coat with a trompe l’oeil shoulder bag pocket, recently sold
Bags (Bonnie Cashin for Coach) ca. 1968
Leather coat and calfskin jacket. This and the above photo nytimes.com by way of forums/thefashionspot.com
This tufted paper Noh Coat with leather ties was cut from several paper bathmats, late 60s, image from UCLA Library collections
African art-inspired intarsia cashmere designed for Ballantyne, late 60s
Early 1970s gloves donated by the designer to the Met Museum
Mohair skirt and scarf with signature “dog leash” clasps, 1977, whitakerauction.com
I wish I still had this bright pink 3-piece outfit by Bonnie Cashin!
For information about Cashin, I can recommend Chic is Where You Find it: UCLA Library Bonnie Cashin Collection of Theater, Film, and Fashion Design

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Fall for vintage

Happy autumn!

September 1, 1931 Vogue cover - Eduardo Garcia Benito illustration 
Once again I’ve been busy working with the Vintage Fashion Guild on our Fall Vintage Inspiration, our answer to modern fashion trends. Come see the sights!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Real women wear vintage hats

I asked on Facebook and Twitter if anyone had a photo of herself in a vintage hat that she would be willing to share. I knew women were wearing hats out there, but wow, look at these stylish women!

Real women wear vintage hats...very well. How about you and me? I’m putting one of mine on right now.
Image found on Galakospeculoos Tumblr

Saturday, September 6, 2014

You’re a star

I’m not much into impersonating an icon head to toe, but I love to catch one or two aspects of their style.

My theme this month is a tribute to finding the star in yourself!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

My green hat collection

A few years back I was all prepared to sell this green hat at the same time I was selling the green suit. I took photos of it then got a huge lump in my throat...I loved the hat so much that I decided I couldn’t let it go. Because I know I have a vintage business to run, I don’t allow that to happen much, but in the case of this hat...

Then another green hat came along and the same thing happened. Maybe its my reddish hair and green eyes. Maybe I just like green. Now I have a small collection of green hats.

I can’t imagine anything more flattering than the right hat, whether it is for the shape with your face shape or the color with your coloring. We keep toying with the notion again, wearing decorated headbands and fascinators—which are great—but what about all those vintage hats? There are decades of hats out there and I believe it just takes finding a few that work for you and you will be hooked.

My green hat eye candy collection on Pinterest: How green was my hat

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September resolution: Wear hats

My September vintage resolution, as I wrote in January:
I have some beautiful vintage hats and I tend to wear them for special occasions if at all. Everyone tells me they love hats, but just can’t bring themselves to wear them. Maybe they need someone to lead the parade?
So here I am.