Saturday, October 18, 2014

Untapped 70s retro-inspired fashion? Not so fast

Early 1970s retro-inspired fashion seemed to me to be a great choice among wearable vintage clothing because it isn’t often so fine as to not be worn regularly. I kind of thought it might be a niche that was not overly coveted.

I think I had that wrong!

First, it is more scarce than I’d thought. Second, it seems to not be underrated in the least. Third, it is kind of hard to find online.

Keywords? I would have said 70s does 30s, 70s does 40s, 30s-style, 40s-style, retro-style 70s, deco revival. I expanded my search and found more early 1970s items under 1960s mod, boho and other search terms. If you are searching, you might cast your net farther.

I also realized that I have sold some items that fit into this 1970s retro style, and each disappeared quickly from my shops.

A few of the items I could think of from my past sales:

I guess I was wrong about the retro-mania 70s look being an untapped market!

In my Etsy search, I found these. (See my Retro-inspired 70s Etsy page for details on these items and others.) 

I would so like to put these together (again, details on that Etsy page):

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