Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A little more holiday red

You’re doing an excellent job of finding my vintage red items, thank you very much! Here’s an updated group of items presently for sale:

1. Red taffeta and tulle formal 2. Red glengarry 3. Emma Domb red, gold and gown 4. Red and white striped gown by Emma Domb 5. Red dotted swiss dress with dramatic ruffle 6. Pendleton red plaid cape 7. Red plaid umbrella 8. Red taffeta party dress with a slip meant to show 9. Candy apple red patent stilettos

Don’t forget: Need a different size? a different price? a different item? I have picked out a bevy of vintage holiday reds (coats, shoes, hats, jewelry, dresses, skirts...) from other sellers on Etsy in a collection called holiday reds. Let me know if you have a specific vintage wish that you can’t find and I’ll help you find it from me or some other seller. (Sound like Macy’s sending people to Gimbel’s a la Miracle on 34th Street? All in the holiday spirit!)

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