Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Learning from my 2014 Vintage Resolutions

At this time last year I vowed to work on a vintage resolution each month, and I can say with some happiness I managed them all, some better than others. I also found out some things.

January 2014: Edit out and recycle everything that is not being worn in my closet. I would like to make it as happy, bright, inviting and wearable as I possibly can.

And it still is! This is a great way to start a year. I admit I didn’t edit out much but I certainly organized and made my closet inviting. I found out that even in a tiny closet there is space above. I may take that revelation on to other rooms in our small but high-ceilinged home. Here’s my closet inspirations board on Pinterest. And here is one of my favorite pairs of shoes hanging on a high ledge:

February 2014: Dress like a star at home. 
I found out I love wrap jackets, dresses, robes, tops. Elastic is not the only way to achieve comfort, and there is just something so elegant about a wrap. I learned to search for brunch coats and housecoats as well as robes and day dresses. I collect the images, and occasionally the clothing that makes me feel good even if all by myself.

Wouldn’t you rather get the door in this than in sweats?
March 2014: Wear a color I don’t usually wear. 
Who knew I’d go with an acidic spring green...what I call Zing Green? And I chose it like a proper Virgo, quizzing others on what worked for me. My color of the year, on Pinterest.

April 2014: Mend and clean clothing and improve skills.  
Hugely helpful! My mending and cleaning pile was greatly reduced and I got into the habit of working on things to keep the pile down. I have a collection of techniques gathered on Pinterest which I keep referring to.

May 2014: Supplant my search for basic clothing with vintage basics. 
Not so good for me. I acknowledge the need for basics, but I have a hard time settling on which matter to me and finding the items. I want to keep exploring this. I think I might be lacking in elegance, or maybe just love color and detail too much. Maybe I shouldn’t use the word basic. 

June 2014: Wear scarves.
Not only did I make my scarves viewable in the closet overhaul, but I found all kinds of new ways to tie scarves.
Darn, where did I park that convertible?
July 2014: Look for vintage style inspiration. 
Really great for me and something I’m stuck on. Ahoy Pinterest!

August 2014: Find or decide upon the perfect go-to black dress.
This was hard. I find myself questioning whether I really need such a dress. I saw beautiful vintage dresses, and loved this one especially much. Would it be a go-to in my closet? Not so sure. Maybe if not during August of the 2nd hottest summer on record!

September 2014: Wear hats. 
So much fun, this is something I simply have to keep up. When I asked on Facebook if anyone would let us see her in a vintage hat, the response was beautiful and inspiring!

Some of you in your vintage hats
October 2014: Wear an era that I don’t usually wear. 
Surprise! I fell cloche over platforms for early 1970s retro styles!

November 2014: Wear something meaningful to me every day.
Another real joy to do...I located and thought about meaningful items. I could do this every day.

My great grandmother and me, wearing her locket
December 2014: Find at least one vintage item to give for Christmas. 
Too easy! I gave mostly vintage items, wrapped in vintage paper. The reports back have been favorable. :)

  Will there be a 2015 list of vintage resolutions? Maybe yet...


Tania of Voyeur Vintage said...

I loved your November resolution and the posts that went along with your meaningful items. And such a good idea to do a resolution each month! I'm afraid I was not so successful with my 2014 resolutions ;)

denisebrain said...

Did you do it one month at a time? Oh dear Tania, that really helped me not to be overwhelmed!