Saturday, February 21, 2015

Manatee fundraiser Day 21

Here’s where we stand (float?) today on the fundraiser for the protection of manatees in Belize.

Two days ago I took encouragement from the number we had reached and up the goal to $700 for the month. I couldn’t do this without the generosity I have been shown.

Then yesterday, there was this post on the Protect Our Manatees Belize Facebook page:
Our Belize Manatee Project team was just starting to think it possible that they would finish the week without a dead manatee reporting but sadly, a deceased female calf was found late this evening. The team has not been able to get through a full week without the report of a dead manatee since the start of 2015.
Manatee mortality is still very high in Belize and the need for continued conservation efforts is more pressing now than ever.
Manatees are endangered because of human activity, and it is our responsibility to work to protect these gentle creatures. If your pocketbook is empty, would you help me spread the word? And if it’s not empty, even $5 will help. Thank you so much!!

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