Saturday, February 28, 2015

Manatee fundraiser Final Day

It’s officially flipper chewing time here at Manatee Central.

It’s the final day of my fundraiser benefiting the endangered manatees of Belize. I am so glad to see the total reach $620, but would love to raise that total to the goal of $700 or even more.

You may have recently seen news of the amazing manatee rescue operation in Florida, where 19 manatees were pulled from a drainage pipe in which they had become trapped. A large group of people worked all night to rescue them, involving city workers, manatee specialists and volunteers. It really takes some equipment and human power to deal with all the issues (most of them human caused) which afflict manatees.

In Belize there is a ready group of volunteers, lead by the amazing Jamal Galves.

Click to view Oceana's video about Galves and manatee rescue in Belize

What is missing is the equipment to quickly respond to injured manatees. The group has relied on borrowed equipment and this isn’t acceptable when every second counts. As Jamal explained in a message,
These important tools we need I can assure you are the difference between us rescuing an injured or sick manatee or dragging away a dead carcass. 
$700 is not the total needed to purchase a boat, truck and trailer for manatee rescue. It is just a fraction of the total needed, but each increment brings Protect Our Manatees Belize (under the auspices of Sea to Shore Alliance) closer to their goal.

Please help me help this great cause today! 25% of your purchase price from the denisebrain Etsy shop and the denisebrain web store will be added to the total. If you prefer, you may donate directly on my page set up for this fundraiser. Even $5 brings us closer!

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