Friday, March 13, 2015

The Magtone color of the moment: Robin's Egg Blue

Oh, I know there are well-researched and highly-vetted Pantone colors of the year, but there is always a color pulling me in a different direction. Last year I went on about Zing Green (my name for bright spring green) and Palatinate Blue. 

I still love those colors, but this year it’s Robin’s Egg Blue. (Another strong favorite I will save for another time.) 

Feast your eyes on shades of Robin’s Egg from vintage sellers on Etsy. As of today these are currently for sale and the links are in my Etsy favorites collection on the subject. 

Robin’s Egg Blue vintage on Etsy
I mean, come on, this color and a Spring-o-later? Be still my vintage-loving heart!

from VintageVixen on Etsy
Do you have a color that stirs your heart right now?

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