Friday, April 3, 2015

Vintage convergence time again: 1956 Jantzen Tahitian Temptation

Ah, the mad delight of finding some vintage ephemera—an ad, a pattern, a magazine photo—that matches a vintage item you have in your possession! I call this a vintage convergence. 

This ad was particularly great to find, because the photos and copy are pure vintage breathless inspiration. But you know normcore was not a thing then. This ad uses adjectives like ‘dreamy romance-provoking’ and ‘dangerously lovely.’ The slogan is ‘Jantzen Makes All Girls Gorgeous’. 

The 1956 Jantzen ad is available from VintageAdGallery and the swimsuit is in my Etsy shop
Judging by this great cotton suit, Jantzen had a right to such a boast. Remarkably comfortable and figure flattering (you don’t have to look perfect to wear this!), the suit has made it since 1956 with its elastic perfectly intact.

Do you find vintage convergences too? I have a Pinterest board dedicated to these and I’ve recently had the treat of being joined in pinning by Joanna of the Dividing Vintage Moments blog. This woman is the convergence queen! Oh, and do check out her charming blog.


Susan said...

Wow, this pinterest board is an impressive collection!
My own poor haul is one add,

denisebrain said...

I love how that Handmacher suit looks on you Susan! Great find!

Charlotte Issyvoo said...

I'm not sure if this counts, but I have a photo of my grandmother wearing one of her prized, flower brooches... and I just recently found the same brooch on Craigslist. I hope to buy it soon (my mobility challenges are slowing down the process). I think that's pretty cool.

denisebrain said...

Oooo, chills!...I'd love to see you and your grandmother with the brooch, with pictures side by side!