Monday, June 15, 2015

LOTS of vintage convergences!

I love when I stumble across a vintage photo or artwork showing an item of clothing I have found...I call these vintage convergences. Recently I have noticed others posting similar finds and I’ve asked them to join me pinning these on my Vintage Convergences Pinterest board.

Others who I saw making these connections are Joanna van of Dividing Vintage Moments, Jenny of TravelingCarousel and Carla of CarlaAndCarla. Many thanks to Joanna, Jenny and Carla for posting their amazing convergences!

Since I last showed a Vintage Convergence on my blog ten weeks ago, all of these have shown up! First from Joanna, a Lilli Ann Ad and Otto Grun brooch:

Here she is side-by-side with a vintage Moordale Urban Suburban image:

...and (gasp!) a 1955 Jacques Fath suit:

Kays-Newport Toni Drake shoes ad from 1946, and the same gorgeous pair now:

From Jenny, a late 1940s Lilli Ann gold Worsted silk ‘Swashbuckler’ suit and the original press photo modeled by Dorian Leigh:

Jenny found this early 70s leather fringe sleeved mini by Zig-Zag, and the very similar dress on the right, photographed by Alexis Waldeck in 1970:

1969 Oleg Cassini ‘Aztec’ design Peter Pan swimsuit, and the same super fun suit on her clothes rack:

Carla scored these fabulous Anne Klein satin opera gloves, and show them with an editorial from 1988:

Gold Lurex Donald Brooks gown side by side with a Virginia Slims ad from 1973. You've come a long way baby!

 Meanwhile, Jenny found the original of this sundress I had for sale. “Lending an oriental flavor to the American scene, this authentic Javanese batik print is used for a light-hearted play dress by Marjae. Clever drapery of the fabric with a band of contrasting color rayon adds bodice interest.” 4/23/54:

Black straw hat with rose I sold recently, and one that is either the same or very similar, photo dated 1958:

And how fun is this? I Dream of Jeannie’s Barbara Eden seems to have worn a dress similar to the one I sold labeled Joseph Magnin:

If you are of like mind and always notice these convergences, let me know and I’ll add you as a pinner to the board!


Charlotte Issyvoo said...

OMG, I've got to share one with you. I'm just working on a blog post for it right now. I found an exact copy of a brooch that Jessica Fletcher wore often on Murder She Wrote!

denisebrain said...

Well then Charlotte, I will add you as a pinner to this board!