Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to wear vintage for the 40+ year-old woman, part III

You’re 40+ and you have the will and some ideas about what vintage you’d like to wear. Is it as simple as wear what you want? Maybe. Some women have an intuitive sense of style and know how to adapt looks and trends to suit themselves.

But some women stick in a groove that worked for them when they were in their 30s or younger. Some women never felt they found their groove.

Here’s one of my suggestions:

Be bold

Some things happen to us physically as we age, and instead of dwelling on these as losses, we might consider them simply as changes. Our hair color and texture, our skin quality, our vision, our gait, and our proportions—all may transition. The sharp brush strokes of our eyebrows will probably loosen up, and our hair may seem less smooth. Our color palette may become more muted. 

In many cases I think women hang onto makeup, hairstyles and fashions that worked best for them when they were younger, not taking into account the changes. If there are some things missing in how a 40+ woman presents herself, they might well be definition and intensity. Not everyone is Iris Apfel (a walking work of fashion art!) but everyone needs a few sharp focal points.

Some great ways to consider going bolder with vintage:

  • Hats on to you. A face-framing vintage hat or headscarf can create definition. Hats in general can be great friends, protecting your skin from the sun, balancing your features and lending an aura of mystery and intrigue. They shouldn’t be overlooked by younger women either!

worldfamilybiza.com promotion; Gitte Lee via Advanced StyleBeatrix Ost via Advanced Style; Dry Goods Diary

  • To see and be seen. Sharp vintage sunglasses or glasses can be an immediate appearance pick-me-up. I personally think I look better with my vintage glasses on (modern prescription in vintage frames) than I do without.

Tziporah Salamon via Refinery 29; Pearl E. Gates via Advanced Style; Linda Rodin via The Coveteur; Richelle Jones via Advanced Style

  • Come through with flying colors. Strong hues and texture can be very distinctive. And don’t forget black and white when considering intensity.

Elisa Nalin via Street PeeperJane Forth via Idiosyncratic Fashionistas; unnamed woman via Advanced Style

  • Get out the ornaments. Statement jewelry shows a fearless commitment to one’s style and can showcase a collection that you have every right to flaunt. The definition and enhancement is clearly there too.

Sarah via Advanced Style; unnamed woman via Advanced StyleDaphne Guinness via Splenderosa

  • Old is bold. Vintage clothing and accessories are inherently strong; I mean, it takes a certain amount of guts and attitude to wear something that others aren’t wearing. 

What vintage do you wear to add distinction and intensity to your looks?

Next time: Mix it up

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