Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to wear vintage for the 40+ year-old woman, part V

Maybe you are the sort of person who jumps into the deep end of the pool head first, but if you like to test the water, this post is especially for you.

Some 40+ women are intimidated at the thought of wearing vintage. There is the care of the garment, the size, the but will it work for me?

Get off to a good start

If you are over 40 and aren’t currently wearing vintage, consider adding one or two wonderfully easy things first. I have written a lot about getting started with vintage, and I can guarantee you will be happy in adding vintage to your style if you start with a few easy pieces and keep growing your wearable collection along with your style. This is not necessarily age-specific; many people find it hard to make the first move in adding vintage fashion to their wardrobes and would be off to a good start with a few winning pieces.

The easiest place to start? Jewelry...a brooch for instance. Everybody can wear a vintage brooch. A few suggestions for the 40+ woman:

Think of impact. Cluster a group of brooches of like kind or color; pin one in an unexpected way such as in your hair, on your bag or on the shoulder of your jacket; bring a different era into your normal mix with an art deco or modernist piece.

Image via Hikari note on Tumblr

The artful crafter Julie Arkell so perfectly shows off her style with accessories; she resembles one of her delightful creations!

And speaking of Julie’s style, another great vintage choice is a sweater. The fit is relatively easy, the quality for the money is likely to be vastly superior to a new sweater, and there are many styles from which to choose.

A handbag is another great first choice. There are so many wonderful vintage bag styles...don’t be surprised if you end up collecting them (speaking from experience)!

Image via MyZestyLiving
And whether it is a brooch, a coat, a bag, a sweater—by all means express your style, think bold, and mix it up.

My blog series with lots of tips on getting started with vintage (for every age) is indexed here.

Next time: The fit bit

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