Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Denisebrain best of 2015

It’s time to take a look back at 2015, including favorite vintage items that I sent to new homes.

If I do say so myself: Just. Wow. Ceil Chapman, 1952
Vintage, come rain or come shine
In the navy, c. 1950
Pink lady
Summer and winter 1950s
40s 4-ever
How novel!

Blue notes from the 50s
On a really personal note: I won’t say that this has been an easy year for me. I have lost two people dear to me and had to work around pain from what I now know is psoriatic arthritis. I can’t easily comb my hair, zip my (metal!) zipper or put my shoes on.

If anything though, I love what I do more than ever and cherish my friends and family even more. I am so thankful for all my readers, customers and online colleagues and friends who make what I do such a pleasure every single day. You make it all worthwhile.

Rose up
By any other name
Go elegant or go home (gloves by Roger Faré, Paris)
Totes gorge
Big dipper (the Jantzen “Tahitian Temptation” suit inspired a blog post)
The wild Southwest

In case you missed them, these were my blog posts that seemed to resonate most with people (the first one especially):

Go team vintage!
You glow girl, in luminous 1960s pieces
Hot pinks (the fine print? by Alfred Shaheen)
Last flowers of summer
Fall for vintage

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Spice girl (nothing quite like vintage cashmere and fiesta wear)
Sophisticated lacy
Silver and gold (make new friends but definitely keep the old)
Red alert
I'm very pleased to say that so far this year, with your help, I have raised funds for breast cancer awareness (Living Beyond Breast Cancer), as well as for endangered manatees in Belize (Sea to Shore Alliance) and Florida (Save the Manatee Club). There are a few days before the current fundraiser For the Manatees ends, and I hope to reach $1250...a new record for a single fundraiser here at denisebrain!
Anything-but-mean reds (the Lilli Ann coat looks so cute on its new owner!)

What’s up for 2016? Besides all the best vintage clothing I can find for you, there will be a new, mobile-friendly denisebrain.com! 
2016 ought to be exciting...please join me!

Best wishes for a peaceful, happy, loving and beautiful year ahead! May you receive back all the joy that you give.

(I hope you are surrounded by the sort of people who will zip your zipper if you need a hand too!)

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