Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The denisebrain vintage fashion shows of 2015

This past year I had the idea of asking others to post some of their favorite vintage items in categories  ranging from glasses to “gets the most looks.” These denisebrain vintage fashion shows took place on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and for the purpose I whipped up the mighty long hashtag #dbvintagefashionshow.

I started these shows because I’m curious about what other people wear, do and think with their vintage fashion. Sometimes the internet seems kind of isolating, even with people all over the world participating. These shows made me feel like I was sitting across the table at a coffee shop with friends. Interesting, unique, stylish, beautiful, colorful and thoughtful friends.

I can’t possibly thank everyone without accidentally leaving a few out, so just a very big thank you to all! See you again in 2016!

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