Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Survey: How you wear vintage, your favorite eras and items

Recently I asked denisebrain Facebook, newsletter and blog followers who wear vintage to take a short survey.

The responses have been so thoughtful and interesting that I thought you might enjoy giving them a read.

A favorite photo via The Sartorialist

Apparently, you mainly like to wear a piece or two of vintage in a mix with other clothing, although solid percentages of you wear head-to-toe vintage.

 How do you wear vintage?

What decades are your favorites for vintage fashion to wear? (answer all that apply) 

The women who took this survey have chosen to interact with me and my business, so I’m not surprised by the decade preferences!

The answers to the next question ranged quite a lot, but there were clear winners, judging from this word cloud.

What is your favorite type of vintage item to wear?

The most interesting answers were to the question—

If you were to give one piece of advice to a beginning vintage buyer, what would it be? fact, the answers to this question were so good that I need to create a separate post showcasing lots of them! 

(coming soon!)


Jen O said...

love this! it's so true.
Next: would love to see where they live--what are the vintage centers of the globe?

denisebrain said...

That's an interesting question Jen O!