Monday, October 3, 2016

Some favorite denisebrain blog series

This is my 10th year blogging, and here is a look back at some of the most popular series I’ve written:

Get the Look 

Billie Holiday—the gardenias were an essential part of her 40s style

These are posts about vintage fashion icons and what you can do to emulate their style.

Audrey Hepburn (at 49,068, my most viewed post)
Emma Peel (fictional characters count!)
and yes, even My Mother

Fabric of the Week

Egyptian assuit, netting embroidered with metal. Photo by Hoyt Carter for denisebrain
 ...the most viewed of which are
Basic weaves (no comments but many thousands of views)

80s Fashion Redux

Donna Karan fashion from the late 1980s, my scan from Elle, so great in the 80s
Interesting, right? I don’t sell all that much fashion from the 1980s, but I had to do something with all those magazine clippings from my youth! 2009 was a year in which modern runway fashions were really going 80s crazy. These posts continue to get many looks.

Polka dots hit the spot (believe it or not, this is the 2nd most viewed of all my blog posts)

Théâtre de la Mode 

Taking a closer look at an ivory silk damask evening dress by Worth in a set designed by Jean Cocteau (photo, denisebrain)

“Created in Paris starting in 1944, the Théâtre de la Mode is a work of haute couture, theater, and art, with stage sets and dolls designed and created by artists, and fashions by over 55 design houses. They came together for the survival of haute couture...”  And I live only 248 miles away from the Maryhill Museum where this exhibits lives.

There are my posts about Future vintage, in which I highlight some of the new fashion makers that I’ve found that create ethical and beautiful wearables.

How to wear vintage for the 40+-year-old

Suzanne Carillo from her blog; Carola Boxer Vecchio via Advanced Style; The Style Crone via Advanced Style

Recently I gathered ideas from others and roped my own thoughts about wearing vintage for the woman over 40.

Next time, the blogs I’m most glad I wrote.

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