Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July resolution: Look for vintage style inspiration

Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? I actually have taken a healthy swipe at all of mine...of course it doesn’t hurt to have resolutions related to vintage clothing and style!

For July, I’ve been looking for style inspiration, especially from modern women weaving vintage style into their day-to-day lives.

I love to see men and women in head-to-toe vintage, as if stepping out of the past. If done really well and with confidence, just seeing such sartorial splendor is transporting. For myself I prefer to mix vintage eras and vintage and modern style. My wardrobe will always be mostly vintage, but I like to put it in a modern context. To that end, I am collecting images on my Pinterest board Modern Vintage Style Inspiration. These are a few:

Some of these images do not feature any vintage clothing, but I can imagine vintage taking the place of the modern items that are shown. The point is not the item but the vibe and how to achieve it. In each case these women have a vintage vibe while looking modern.

Is this your style too? Or do you prefer the head-to-toe vintage look? I’d love to see and follow your style inspiration board on Pinterest if you have one.

Friday, July 18, 2014

We did it!

I am happy OVERJOYED to say that the manatee fundraiser put on by Rosie and me reached our goal, on the button.

Of course there is no way we could have reached this goal without very generous support from many people: Customers who purchased from my denisebrain vintage shops, those who contributed directly on my YouCaring page, and all those who spread the word and offered encouragement.

My greatest thanks goes to the Save the Manatee Club for being the manatee’s constant advocate. I have just sent them the proceeds of our fundraiser, $1000.

Yes Rosie, we did it!! (photo of Rosie the manatee by William Garvin)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

One last push for Rosie and the manatees

You may think my blog is all about manatees looking at my recent posts, but I promise, I do talk about vintage clothing too—But not until tomorrow!

My spokesmanatee Rosie and I and have been bowled over by the generosity of so many people throughout the world. Many thanks to the Save the Manatee Club for helping spreading the word about the fundraiser.

Right now, with less than half a day to go, our $1000 goal is in view. Please go to my YouCaring page to see more about the fundraiser and to contribute. In addition, 25% of any purchase you make from the denisebrain web store or the denisebrain Etsy shop will go to the cause. Believe me, anything over $1000 will also be well spent by Save the Manatee Club in their work for the survival of the beloved—and endangered—manatee.

We CAN do it...right Rosie?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Go Rosie! Another manatee fundraiser update

Rosie and I are truly astonished to say that the goal we set three days ago ($700) was met, the goal we set two days ago ($800) was met, the goal we set yesterday ($900) was met...and now we are trying for $1000 by July 17!

Photo of Rosie by William Garvin

For Rosie and all the manatees, this is so great!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Manatee fundraiser update—extra good news!

July is not usually brisk in vintage clothing sales for me, but between fairly great business and extremely generous donors, this fundraiser is going swimmingly...better than expected. Right Rosie?

Rosie, the spokesmanatee of the campaign, could not be more pleased. I believe she has even done a barrel roll or two!

Since the goal of $700 was announced and met yesterday, today I get to announce that in the next 8 days Rosie and I hope to reach a total of $800 for the Save the Manatee Club.

Photo of Rosie by William Garvin
Thank you so much for your donations, encouragement and very kind words so far in this fundraiser. I think I might just do a barrel roll myself!

For more details on the fundraiser, please see my YouCaring page.